Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hearing the voice of God

Can you hear that quiet voice on a soft summer breeze
It is my Master who is calling and it's His face I see
His arms open wide and I wander swiftly in
Right in His arms, I heart the heartbeats within

Some say they cannot hear the voice of the living Lord
Yet I hear it every day as I listen and observe
It's soft and gentle and flows on the wind
Yet it speaks in volumnes to the spirit within

No human being can ever hope to hear
The voice of the Master,
with only the human ear
No, it's with the heart I hear Him you see
He comes to caress the very heart of me

He's more than just a swear word
He's the precious son of God
You think I am a fool perhaps
Or that I am very odd

No matter what your thinking, I do not really care
For I can hear the Master's voice and it is always there

I pray you stop and listen, not with your ears alone
But listen with your spirit man place your intellect on hold
He will always speak to you if your progammed to receive
Just relax and look to Him, and remember to believe

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