Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bloom where you are planted

When I look at my surroundings I am pleased to see the sunny skies of Florida and the lush greenery. Yet, I know that the peace of God has been a great comfort to me. It would be easy to get discouraged because I do not drive and many days I am stuck here in this apartment complex.

But, I figure if the Lord planted me here; then I will bloom where I am planted. Looking at myself I see a middle aged woman with several issues that cause restraint in the way I live. The meds for thyroid and epilepsy have side effects. Short term memory, speech difficulties, tiredness etc. Yet, when I look at Jesus I can see He has a wonderful life planned out.

We have a gym here at this complex and it's a great place to meet and laugh with people. It's a place to be myself yet inspire others to see the joy of the Father. I'm too uncoordinated to do a lot of excersize, but I am able to do some things and I get help from the neighbors too. God has given this woman favor in the eyes of strangers, as I witness for Him in my every day life.

The pool area is a great place to chit chat about everyday issues. I find people from all walks of life cooling off and wanting a safe person to talk to as well. The subjects are ranging from sin, to sex, to recipes, politics and religion. I don't have all the answers and I don't need to. I speak when the Lord gives me utterance.

I am not equipped with anything but the love of God. I'm no great theologian. I try to be very simple and non threatening. I never try to debate with high intellects. Yet, I've encouraged some great intellects to look to Christ for answers.

Some days the depression hits for a while. But, it is only a reminder of my humaness. It gives me pause to remember that others around me get hit with things... without Christ. So, I will bless the Lord at all times. Blooming where I am planted.

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