Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Moses Experience

Our little blog site is growing fast. Sherm and I were talking about it last night. I am writing this little blurp because a funny conversation happened between us. When Sherm first began reading the bible he was amazed at the story of Moses and the burning bush. For a long time he wanted that ‘Moses’ experience.
Even though he never had a bush talk to him amidst flames, he still believed and tried to obey what the bible said. When I suffered from the side effects of seizures and it’s meds, I was upset because at times my speech is poor. Though I can write adequately, at times I speak backwards or my speech is garbled. The words I want seem to be missing from my vocabulary.
I hesitate to pick up the phone to order a pizza!
Last night I mentioned to Sherm that I was glad God is using our tiny blog to magnify Him. However, if it becomes very popular; I would want Sherm to speak to any businessmen and not me. Sherm began to laugh. “OK Moses!”
All of a sudden it hit the two of us. I was going to use Sherm as an Aaron! 'Well, don't go making any golden calves!' Sherm smiled, ‘I know what my part is in this work for Christ, Weez. But don't forget that it was God's will for Moses to talk. Remember, in ICorinthians it says 'God uses the foolish things to confound the wise.' He knew your speech was a challenge just like Moses was. He still chose him though.'

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