Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Help for depression

Do you ever get so depressed you feel lower than the soles of your shoes? Of course, we all do. Here's an excersize that I love to do. I am hoping you can do it better. I remember the Lord in the Alphabet.

A- He is Alpha [beginning], Abba [father] Almighty, All powerful, All consuming

B- He is my favorite Banquet [filled to overflow with good things] He Blesses, He is my Beloved, Best friend,
C-He is Christ, my Champion, he gives me Cheer
E- He is Everlasting, Enough, Entertaining, Easy to talk to
how Excellent is He,Emmanuel
F-Father, Faithful, Favorite, Fast acting, Fresh breath of heaven
G-God, Great, Gentle,
H-He is Highest,Holy,Heavenly,holds the highest Honor
I-the great I am, Irrisistable, Impressive
J-Jesus, Jehovah, Jireh[provider], Just
K-King of Kings
L-Lover of my soul
M-He is Mighty,Magnificent,I Magnify His name
N-Never fails,Needing nothing
O-Omega[the end], Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omnicient
P-Passionate,Perfect, Pleasing, Parent, Patient
Q-Quick to forgive
W-Filled with Wisdom
x-xenogogue [guide]
Z-Zenith[highest point reached in heavens]

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