Monday, May 10, 2010

"What do you do all day?"

One of her most destested questions is when doctors ask her "What do you do all day?" Weez's list of things that she cannot do is about two pages long. However, Sherm and Weez sat and tried to make a list of the things she does all day.

Sherm sat with his arm around Weez's shoulder as she took a pad and pen. "Start out any given day." Sherm said.

Weez wrote for almost a minute. Sherm waited for her to pause before he took the pad. "Let's see, you make the coffee, read from 'My Utmost for His Highest' and then wake me up. Ok, then you make breakfast, check me for my wallet, keys, and other essentials before I leave for work." Sherm looked over at his wife. "You really add that to every day agenda?" Weez nodded. 'Taking care of you is a full time job!' They both laughed as Sherm said the same thing about her.

Next Sherm read the household chore list. Weez was a stay at home housewife and her list made up for the rest of the page.

"OK, go on." Weez took the pad and wrote out her routine of prayer walking as the treadmill rolled on for an hour. Then, the neighborhood walk.

"What is that?" he asked. "Well, I usually stroll over to the library and see who's around. That's where I meet Charlie, Pat, Mary, Ed, and whoever. I also walk about the block and when I spot a U Haul, I am able to meet the new comers. Folks are scared sometimes when they move into new apt. complexes and it's fun to be a greeter of sorts. I learned it in church."

Sherm laughed as he knew his wife's ways. He too kept a watchful eye out and many times they were found praying with folks over health issues or other things. Next on the list was 'pool ministry'.

"I'm glad you remembered that one Weez. What a wonderful way to reach out, while having fun."

Weez smiled. "It's totally non threatening and I get to hear all sorts of stories of others. Funny thing, I never mention the Lord but he always comes up from other people's conversation."

The list of things that Weez does was well into 10 pages as the couple sat together. Sherm smiled at it and reminded his wife "People ask what you do and they associate a job with your lifestyle. On paper you are a 'housewife' but in the Lord's eyes you are His 'Ambassador'. One who represents Jesus in any way He chooses." Weez listened as Sherm went on.

"Whether you work outside the home or inside, in the end; the only things that will last for eternity are the things you do for the Lord. Only the Lord's approval counts as you measure your day. However, as your earthly employer I would give you a good evaluation."

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