Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Moment in Heaven

When I was a child I used to sit in the back row at church and listen as the minister yelled out his ‘Hell Fire and Brimstone’ sermons. I used to hear a lot about the terrible place called hell. I was told it is a fiery pit without any water. Your tongue will continuously burn without relief. I was told that you will not have any friends in heaven. You will be in such agony of the mind and body that you will not see anyone.

The bible has several passages that tell of what hell is. Hell is not a theory though the world of people who do not believe in God would have you think so. Hell is actually a place that was created to entomb Satan. It was not meant for humans. Yet, when humans decided to not believe or obey God they chose to serve either Satan or make themselves their own God. The bible clearly states ‘Thou shall have no other Gods before me.’

I seldom heard what heaven was like. There is very little written about it. Yet, heaven is also a place. It is a place where sin can not live. In the following pages I will let you into the fictional characters’ lives of Perry and Liza. There world is much different than the one we see today. Let’s take a peek!

Page one

The bench where Liza and Perry sat was overlooking a beautiful garden. The flowers were in full bloom. “I can’t remember Liza..Who got here first? You or me?” Liza sat a while and couldn’t remember herself.

“Oh, Perry I think we’ve been here so long it doesn’t matter who died first in our before life. This after life is the reality anyways. This is forever!”

Perry watched as the flowers turned their heads so he could see them. “I still can’t get over those flowers. Nothing dies here. No wilted flowers or weeds to pull. Remember how I used to hate to pull weeds?”

“I remember. I just can’t believe the vividness of those colors either. It’s like we never saw things before. Everything is so bright and beautiful here!”

Perry and Liza got up and walked through the area. They hadn’t gone far when they spotted a lion lying on the grass. Perry walked over to scratch its belly. “You love to do that don’t you girl!” The female lion licked his face and rolled on its side. Soon, a squirrel came over and cuddled up next to the lion.

“It’s amazing to see a world where there is no evil. It’s good we never read too much about heaven. I just love these surprises. There is no need for police, hospitals, EMT’s, no man made governments. No loneliness, jealousy, offense, or pride. No one trys to steal our joy here. We’re free from the burdens of sin. I love living in a world with no disease or missing things in our live. No frustration or want for anything. I could never have imagined the heaven that we live in.”

They stopped to the eagles in flight. The eagles weren’t looking to kill anything to eat. God made sure they had all they needed. “The animals here never cease to shock me. They are so loving. It must have been a horrible shock for Adam and Eve after the fall of man. Those bear hugs they were used to suddenly became deadly. Just watching those loving animals suddenly become hunters and carnivorous. It boggles the mind to see those same animals that we could never go near in the before life, to now come to us and want to play. That jaguar a while ago just wanted to chase after the ball.”

There was no darkness around the couple. The glory of the Lord made everything light. There was no time either. Yet, they always knew when to be wherever they needed to be. “Jesus is giving dance lessons at the pavilion soon. Are you going to watch?” asked Liza.

“No, I sat on the sidelines while I was in my earthly body. I’m going to be dancing right along with him. Who knew he’d be such a party guy! The banquet tables never cease to amaze me. Food I’ve never seen in my life and I don’t crave any of the food I used to eat. I don’t even remember what I ate before. There are no butcher shops here either. No need to kill anything. Remember the term, ‘comfort food’? We don’t need comfort food when we sit at the table now. There is no stress, no fear, and no tears. We always used to hear of the new wine. Up here we get the new everything!”

The couple sat down next to an apple tree. Liza smiled. “I love how there is absolutely no poverty and no reason to raise money for charity. There’s no need here. No need of any kind. I remember when our kids used to do things to get attention. There is no need of trying to get attention here. Jesus gives us so much attention! I love the feeling of completeness. We have total satisfaction. It’s so wonderful to know we belong and have total approval. Absolute perfection is what we experience.”

“I know Liza, it’s amazing. I have to admit, when I was a young guy in our before life; the thought of no marriages in heaven made me squirm. Yet, we have no reason for marriage up here. We have total satisfaction, total completeness here. I used to read about how the heavenly hosts were praising and worshipping God non stop. I didn’t quite get it. I mean, I knew what it felt like to love. At least I thought I did. A husband who loves his bride will do anything for her. He gives her gifts and she is passionately in love with him too. That passion I once received and gave is pale compared to the absolute perfection of Jesus’ love.” Perry smiled as he had the understanding of God in a whole new way.

Liza laughed. “I still can’t stop smiling when I am aware that along with this perfect heavenly body I now have, I also am able to use my new perfect brain to its fullest creative capacity. To think we were excited when computers came into being!”

“Do you remember when we could only use a small percentage of our brains on earth because of the fall of man? Who knew what it would be like to have perfect bodies and be able to use our whole brain as God intended. Plus, we never age. We remain in our perfect state.”

Perry sat back and laughed. “The best part is watching others from earth too. There’s no competition here of any kind. No envying others because they have more muscle or longer legs. We are what God intended for us to be and we enjoy the contentment of it all. Total contentment was such a foreign idea down on earth.”

Liza reminded Perry, “I love that there are no volcanoes, hurricanes, earth quakes or any unnatural disasters to think of ever again. I enjoyed being a EMT and working the phones for 911 but I don’t miss that. Plus, even though I was a beautician on earth I never could out do God’s creative masterpieces of today.”

Perry nodded his head. “I’m also happy to think there is no poverty here. Money is useless. No need to campaign for any causes. The greatest cause lives among us and He owns everything and gives with sparing.

Just then, a group of people walked by. Abraham, Moses and Peter each called out to them. “We were told you two are helping with the decorations for the party. Come on with us!” Soon they were laughing and stringing up colorful decorations and more lights. Six musical groups came over and began to sing. Moses laughed and said, ‘What are we listening to at this party? Jazz, classical, or steel drums? To think of centuries of music all being played as the composer meant it to be. Yes, God is a great composer. To think, He gave talents and gifts to all on earth and it was used for evil a lot of the times. All music was meant to be praise and worship music.”

“You know Perry; a lot of us never realized that there would be no churches in heaven.”

“That’s true Liza; they never got the message that as followers of Christ we WERE the church. Now, we are the bride of Christ.”

Suddenly a whole flock of birds of all colors settled in some nearby trees and began to sing. The newest party had begun. “To finally hear those birds sing in a whole new way is mind boggling still. Life is so more vibrant not only to see but to experience.” said Liza.

Jesus took Perry’s hand and led him to the center of the crowd. “My precious one, you sat on the sidelines with polio on earth but not here!” Jesus laughed and showed Perry a new dance step. Fred Astaire was clumsy compared to the master. “Now, left foot out, shimmy one, two, three, right arm up, link with mine and turn. Now, get those drums going guys and we’ll do it in a conga line.” Jesus missed no one as he danced and swung everyone around. No one was breathless after two hours of dancing. No tired feet. There are no after effects of drinking the heavenly wine at this party. Jesus danced and leaped up and down and soon everyone was dancing and leaping.

Liza waited her turn to dance with the King. While she was in His arms she told him what she’d been thinking. “You know this, but still I want to tell you. I’m just so filled with joy that I want to forever express it!”

“Ah, but Liza…I want to forever hear it and express it back to you! For you are my own that I bought with a price. I died so that you would live with me forever. You believed in what you could not see. You obeyed as best you knew. You spoke to me in prayer so often, and I’ve kept all those prayers like old love letters. Even when I did not answer your prayers like you thought I would, you still trusted in a God you could not see. I love you and now you have your reward. You have me.”

Liza hugged Jesus. It was a silent hug because she had joy unspeakable. Jesus knew how to touch each place in Liza’s heart for her to be filled with joy. Liza stepped back and took a little girl’s hand. Amy had died at two weeks old from SIDS. Yet, now Liza had a chance to raise her in a non evil environment. “I am so glad to be with you Amy!”

Amy smiled up at her mother. “Jesus told me you would be here soon. In fact he told me all about you and Dad. I’ve got lots of surprises to show you Mom. Do you want to go see my friend Elizabeth? Her son John is very nice too.”

“Well, the party should be winding down so I think we’ll wait until it’s over. I’d love to pop in on Elizabeth then. All right?”

The little girl nodded and went into the crowd to dance with her father. Her earthly brothers and sister were dancing as well. There were no orphans in heaven.

Perry danced and enjoyed the banquet with friends he’d known and worshipped with in the before life. He also danced with his ancestors and children, and children’s children to many generations.

Laughter erupted several times. There were all sorts of interesting things that Jesus did as he hosted this party. He told stories of how His father had spoken to him while he was in human form on earth. He explained how the pyramids were made crooked at first. He even explained that flamingo’s knees are not backwards. They would have fallen over if they had knees in the front. He stood up and demonstrated falling facedown in the cake. “I love slapstick comedy.” He said.

This story ends. Yet, your story could just begin. Have you enjoyed reading this story? Did you notice I didn’t write anything about golden streets or palaces? The bible talks about streets of gold. Yet, when we get to heaven those things will not be the main things. I didn’t mention the throne room either or the pearly gates. I prayed a lot while writing this little story. I can honestly say that the Lord moved me to write this His way!

Would you like to know for sure that when you die, you will pass over to this eternal life? Romans 6:23 states “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

I wrote about a life without evil. Evil came into the world through a choice to disobey God. Evil cannot live in heaven. Unless Jesus cleanses us from this evil, we will not enter into heaven. It matters not how much good you do. Unless you believe and ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life you will not enter heaven. He is the only way! If we could earn our way to heaven, Christ would not have had to die for our sins. We believe in Jesus and obey Him. That is making him Lord of our life. It’s more than saying a prayer. It’s a life changing decision.

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