Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can you imagine having Jesus as your older brother?

Recently I have been excited to find family members on the computer who I haven't seen in years. We are reuniting in a new way. Family is a precious gift and can be a challenge as well. I was thinking of Jesus and wondered what it must have been like for him at home while he walked the earth as a man. Can you imagine having Jesus as an older brother?

Little sister: How did you know I was meeting Thomas at the well?

Jesus: I told you I would be with you always.

Little sister: I suppose your going to report everything I do to Mother Mary! She always believes you over me. I don’t get it. It’s like your God or something!

Jesus: uh huh

Little sister: I suppose you were there when the stars were put in the skies and the oceans were formed?

Jesus: yes

Little sister: Quit fooling around! You eat at the same table I do and I know you get thirsty and hungry just like me.

Jesus: Actually, I’ve been meaning to discuss thirst with you. You weren’t supposed to get into that wine at the wedding. You fell asleep and didn’t help with the clean up.

Little sister: It was late at night and I was just sampling the wine. It was better than the wine earlier you know. Now, I have a headache and ache all over!

Jesus: Aches and pain go away!

Little sister: How do you always do that? You just speak the word and now I feel fine? I tried that and nothing happened.

Jesus: my ways are higher than yours

Little sister: aargh!

Little brother: I think your a show off! That trick with the wine, walking on the water...what's next? With you around, no one even knows my name!

Jesus: I know your name, you and everyone

We can love our relatives but we can not save them for eternity. We can get disappointed by our siblings but Jesus never disappoints. One thing is for certain though...Jesus was and is the perfect brother.

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