Monday, April 5, 2010

smoke and cathedrals

Sherm and Weez live in an apartment complex. They make an effort to attend social functions within the complex. They made a stand for Jesus since the first day they arrived. Jesus didn't plunk himself on the temple's steps and only go to church functions. He walked among them, he ate with sinners and saints alike and talked with those who needed the Father. He was an outgoing, laughter filled,in your face Jesus!

Recently the couple ate at the biweekly breakfast. One woman stepped outside to have a smoke. The conversation immediately went in the direction of those who smoke. "I can't believe the cost" "What about those Christians who smoke?" Weez smiled and repeated what a pastor had once said, "Smoking won't send you to hell, it will just make you smell like you are all ready there." Laughter rang out. Even the woman outside smoking was heard laughing.

Still, another neighbor wanted his say. "Well, it seems to me as if everyone is going to die." Weez sprang to life.

"See Sherm, I told you he was smart!" The older man grinned at Weez pretending to be innocent.

"What I mean is, obese people die just the same as those who smoke." Sherm agreed with this.

Another neighbor persisted "What does the church say though Weez? If the Christians eats like a horse and puffs away while telling others how to live?"

Weez gazed down at her coffee a moment, actually praying for the right answer. "Well, my dear brother in law once said that God meant for His people to treat their bodies like the temple of God. We are to be Temples then, not Cathedrals. The Temples incense should smell like love and not tobacco.. Love came down and was crucified but rose again on Easter."

Sherm grabbed Weez's knee under the table and squeezed. Unsure if she'd stuck her foot in it again, she looked up with wide questioning eyes. Sherm just winked a silent approval. Looking back to one of the neighbors, Weez realized that the interaction was observed.

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