Thursday, April 1, 2010

out of date

Weez and Sherm like to watch television while sipping their morning coffee. The early news had a segment talking about being up to date. There's a new book about it. There was a list of things about what not to wear.

No hawaiian shirts! Sherm grins at Weez. He owns about seven. Then, no striped or loud patterns. Just basic polo shirts without any insignia. Then, no jean shorts. Sherm asks "Do I own any jean shorts?" "No, your safe there".

Next came the women. "Women of today don't dress provacative enough." The man said. Weez's eyebrows go up. "What planet is he on?" Sherm begins to laugh, "That cinches it, the hawaiian shirts are back on!"

Then the news proceeded to tell the couple what they shouldn't say. "Boo YA!" Weez asks Sherm, "When did we say that?" There was a list of cliche things not to say. Weez shook her head. "It's out of date to say those things and I never got a chance to say them anyway! Life is so hard!"

"I don't follow fads anyway. At my age I can MAKE my own fads. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to dress unprovacative while wearing Hawaiian shirts and jean shorts."

"You still don't have any jean shorts dear".

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  1. I think that is so true of myself also. We need to make our own statement in this world. As long as I honor God with my statement, I am okay. Great post and I like Hawaiian shirts and Jean shorts.