Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Middle age

Inside these aging eyes I see
A shadow of what used to be

Gleaming hair at seventeen
Now washed in years of memory

Before me stands my youth’s desire
He’s almost ready to retire

Yet though we see the world of change
God’s arms are never out of range

The search for who we are has gone
We’ve found the everlasting one

The need to seek the heights long past
Our joy in Christ has come at last

Our pockets all but empty somehow
We hold our trust in Jesus now

Sometimes we traveled and took wrong turns
Yet still we prayed and watched and learned

They say we are but middle aged
Not quite ready to leave the stage

A new discovery found each day
To learn to live a whole new way

Leaving all that encumbers and pressing through
Enjoying life through the eyes of 'you'

Releasing all life’s pain and care
What joy to find Christ was always there!

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