Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Life on a treadmill

Recently I have incorporated 45 minutes a day of my life to be walking on a treadmill. 2.5-3 miles per hour isn't so bad when the music is on. It's usually praise and worship, and sometimes it's soft sounds of waves or jazz. I hang on the sides and close my eyes. No distractions, just the sound of the music that turns my focus on Jesus. Pictures come to my mind's eye of the King standing in front of me beckoning to keep walking forward. It's amazing how we seldom see Jesus as a cheer leader in our life's daily routine. Yet, He is forever calling those who don't know Him. To those who do know Him, He is urging us to go for it.

The parable of the talents in Matthew speaks to me. Whatever giftings or talents I have recieved from God, I wish to double, triple even before I stand before Him. It's true that in the natural I am hemmed in with side effects of epilepsy. The balance goes at times, short term memory loss, along with aphasia blasts on occasion are a nusiance. The brain has shrunk according to the doctor. But, there is so much more positive things. The spiritual gifts and talents have nothing to do with the physical side. He is the creator and until He heals me, I am still fearfully and wonderfully made. He is creative in that He's shown me more things I can do for Him.

The treadmill gives me a time to focus and recieve as well. Rather than wasting time waiting for the 45 minutes to go by, He has trained me to use this time to relax. I enjoy the music. I look out the window. Or, I close my eyes and just be. The balance is helped with excersize, the heart is pumping oxygen to the brain, the muscles are toning and the Spirit speaks.

I get ideas of Christian fiction stories to write as I walk the treadmill. Soon, the 45 minutes runs a little over. I am energized for the day, and my mind is at rest. Sounds like a weird combo? Yet, it's true!

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