Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ironing things out

Ironing is not something that is done as often as it was in Weez’s mother’s time. In fact, Weez only irons about twice a month. Most of Sherm’s pants and shirts are permanent press. Weez seldom buys things that she knows will need ironing. If clothes are hung up immediately after the dryer is finished with them, ironing is almost never needed.

The last ironing board that Sherm bought was almost fourteen years ago. The board squeaks loudly each time Weez opens it up. The once white pads that encased all four legs are now broken or long gone. Even the ironing board cover is stained.

Sherm never pays much attention to these things. He never irons

Weez and Sherm were not good with their money in the past. They learned the hard way to make their pennies count. In this time of recession [some say it’s over but they fail to see it], they are careful before spending.

Weez looked for some replacement white rubber pads for the ironing board. “They don’t make those things!” Sherm pointed out. “Well, maybe we can be creative and use those rubbers they put on chairs.” Sherm shook his head. “They won’t be the right size.”

They both looked at the ironing boards for sale at Walmart. If it isn’t at Walmart, you probably don’t need it anyways.

Sherm pointed to a table top ironing board. Weez thought about it as Sherm pointed out that she is short and this way she could iron on the counter or the table. Weez picked it up and realized it wasn’t that expensive. They walked around the store for a while and Weez decided that the table top just wouldn’t work. “I really want a regular old fashioned one.”

They went back to the section of ironing boards. Sherm liked the over the door fold down type. Weez looked at the regular ironing boards again. Finally, Sherm decided he’d had enough. “I’m not buying an ironing board today.”

They walked silently back to the car. Weez turned her mind to what she’d be cooking for supper. She was planning a menu when Sherm asked if anything was wrong. In his mind an argument was going to happen. He hated the idea but he saw no way out of it. “Oh, no I’m just thinking and enjoying the scenery.” They were driving past a golf course with a pond. Weez doesn’t drive due to seizures so she enjoys the scenery as Sherm drives. Weez watched the cranes and ducks in the pond as they drove buy. It was a sunny day and the palm trees were swaying in the breeze. She had decided on a salad and steaks for supper. “Perhaps some peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream for desert.” She thought.

“Look, I want to buy you an ironing board that lasts. Those cheap ones won’t last long.” Sherm was nervous that Weez was upset.

“OK dear” was all she said.

When they got home Sherm was still nervous. He hated it when Weez was silent. She was going to the freezer to take steaks out as Sherm watched. Weez had no idea that Sherm was still thinking about the ironing board.

“I really do want to buy you a better ironing board.” He said it louder this time.

Weez smiled and hugged her husband. “You are so sweet. Just remember, I only iron twice a month. I like to wait till I have a bunch of stuff. OH, and did you remember when we bought the ironing board I have now? It’s identical to the one I looked at in Walmart.”

“No, when we did buy this one?”

“We bought it before we bought our house fourteen years ago. I’d say it paid for itself.” Weez smiled to herself as she went back to what she was doing. Sherm began to smile.

The next day Sherm made a detour to Walmart before going home. He came into the house with the ironing board that Weez had wanted. “ Well uh, just make sure this one lasts!” he said.

“Of course dear!” Sherm smiled as Weez hugged the stuffing out of him.

I Corinthians 13:4-5 'Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.'

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