Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can you hear him?

Hearing from the Lord has been a question for a long time. How come some say they hear and others never hear? The Lord gave us several clues in His word. One thing we must always be mindful of is that Jesus told us that he was the bridegroom and the church is the bride.

How did we get to know our spouses? Did we come to them in desperation and need? In some cases, the relationship with Jesus is the same. The power of Jesus can do miracles that are mind boggling. Yet, He longs to just spend a quiet time with us as well. Do you remember how good it feels to be with your loved one without needing to do anything? Can you imagine how wonderful it for both of you to relax and just enjoy each other?

Although He is able to carry all our burdens, heal us and save us…there is a relationship with Jesus that escapes many of us. Picture yourself going to your spouse with a honey do list each day. A list of problems that we are emotionally riveted to. “Please do this. It’s an emergency. Help …right now.” Each day when your spouse comes near you there is a list of things that you want them to fulfill. When we are done handing him the list we walk away and continue our day. Or, on the other hand many of us get so busy working 'FOR' Jesus; we don’t spend the time 'WITH' Jesus. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop” has been told a million times. Yet, to actually hear the heartstrings of the master, we need to spend time with him. For some it’s reading our bibles and just sitting quietly. Just blotting out our minds for a while and basking in the presence of the Almighty. It’s a step beyond praise and worship and prayer. It’s submitting our time to be with the Lord for no other reason than to be with Him.

A spouse can always fulfill the basic needs our lives needs, without a second spent on a treasured moment. Our Lord desires us to come to him empty handed at times. He wants to spend time with us. Allowing Him to talk to us, not just listen to us. We need to put our agenda away for a while and think about the Jesus that He is.

A newlywed couple enjoys the time spent together doing nothing more than finding out about each other. They can walk around oblivious to the things around them as they enjoy each other’s company. During this time they learn what the other person likes and dislikes. They are free to really get to know the other person. Time spent with Jesus can be the same. Like a gentle lover, Jesus doesn’t shout at us. He speaks quietly when he knows we are listening quietly.

Sometimes soft music playing can ease our minds into focusing on Jesus. We call this soaking. Soaking in gentle Godly music. A young couple usually has a favorite love song that draws them close to each other. It’s hard to imagine but Jesus is just as romantic with his bride. As we listen with quiet hearts without wanting anything He comes to us. Soaking in His presence is not a time of singing, talking, or even preaching. It is a time to simply listen and allowing our spirit man to be fed. Being quiet in the presence of Jesus helps to feed our souls as well.

Many of us are feeling empty. We get overwhelmed with the constant push of the world around us. When we take the time to be with our Lord without any agenda, it brings peace to our lives. A steady diet of this will bring the rest of lives into focus.

There are many aspects of being a child of the King. We worship, evangelize, pray, praise and read our bibles. But, there is also a time to be quiet and listen to see if the Lord is talking to us. If we’re too busy, we won’t hear him.

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