Friday, April 23, 2010

Anti anxiety attack

Have you ever had an antianxiety attack? That is when you know that no matter what happens to you, it's going to end well with God at the controls. Worry is actually a way of telling the Lord that you really don't think He can control things. Oh, I'm not saying that I never worry. Sadly, I worry like most anyone does. But, more and more I'm finding that I have antianxiety attacks rather than worrying when I seek first the Kingdom of God. Life can be a series of mine fields that we walk through. There are several times that we can succomb to the urge to explode. The loss of a loved one hurts and yet we can hold on to the Comforter. Loss of income can be staggering and yet He will provide. If we seek first the Kingdom of God; Jesus takes us by the hand and leads us through the mine field. We can be at perfect peace while our lives undergo financial, physical and emotional ruin. He gives us comfort, wisdom, guidance and peace. Our hearts can be at rest while everything around us is in constant turmoil. We can function at top speed with all efficiency while the world is upside down, as long as Jesus is our main focus. In a time when anxiety medicines are being pumped into the population at an alarming rate, we can have an antianxiety attack without pills, worry, strife,anger,mood swings or spending a fortune on pills. Best of all, we can comfort those around us with the comfort He has given. Go ahead...have an antianxiety attack!

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