Friday, March 19, 2010

Sherm's first text message

Weez and Sherm go out to breakfast sometimes at a local diner. One morning as they were sipping coffee, Sherm's cell phone went off. "Another text message!",he says. "Who keeps calling me? I never text message!" Sherm checks the message.

"A local shoe store wants me to know about their easter sale! " Sherm looks over his phone and decides to send his first text message. His brow knit together as he began pressing buttons. It was a message to the shoe store to stop texting him. "There! I sent my first text message! Now I don't have to bother with them again!" Sherm picks up his fork and dives into his breakfast.

Weez smiles as she remarks how they are slowly slipping into the world of technology. Just then Sherm's cell phone goes off again. He takes a look and begins to laugh. "It's the shoe store telling me they got my text message and won't text me anymore!"

"They had to text you to tell you?"

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