Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Marriage Chuckles II

A sense of humor and the ability to laugh at oneself helps make the marriage fun.  Weez and Sherm came home from the market.  Sheryl took the bags Sherm handed to her and proceeded to put them away.  In about five minutes the door flew open and a very frustrated Sherm blurted out..."You always follow me and now that I need you; your not there.  Come out here!  I need your help!" Weez retorted quite loudly, "RRRRRRRUFF!" [In other words, 'you barked?']  Somehow Sherm had gotten off track and was squatting in front of a potted plant. He'd been trying to fix the pot alone and couldn't do it.   He was balancing himself on his toes while squatting.  "What can I do 'Handsome""  said his wife.   Weez began to giggle as a mischievous thought entered her mind.

"I need you to pull off the plastic bottom of this plant so the water will drain out." her husband said.  "It's a good thing I'm not like I was several years ago Sherm..." Weez answered.  "Why if I put my finger in a stragic place where your point of balance is you might..."  The giggling ensued.

Sherm realized his predicament.  "You haven't changed in 35 years!  You better not do what your thinking."  Sherm's lips twitched as his wife did as he asked.  He remained squatted to finish up what he was doing.  He could feel his wife's eyes and knew she was thinking mischievously.  All of a sudden his wife put her hand on his shoulder.  "You trust me don't you Sherm?"  He looked over and saw the twinkle in her eye.  The frustration was gone and replaced by the fun of bantering with Weez. 

"This is it!  I'm going to get you!  After all these years, I'm gonna..."

"OOH Sherm, I'm so scared!"  The two of them laughed and the neighbors had witnessed the entire scene. "I mean it woman, I'm gonna get you!"  Sherm's arm snaked around his wife's waist as the two laughed hysterically on their patio.

Just think if Weez had responded in "How dare you?", or "I want RESPECT", or worse.  In marriages we pick our battles.  Weez looked beyond Sherm's first words of frustration.  There was no battle here.  It was diffused by a soft answer.  Proverbs 15:1  "A gentle answer turns away wrath.  but a harsh word stirs up anger."  NIV 

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