Monday, March 15, 2010

Marriage Chuckles V

One morning Weez accidently woke Sherm up an hour earlier than he needed to be awoken. He tried to go back to sleep but within five minutes he heard a high pitched ‘Beep! Beep! Beep!’ “Oh, I’ll just get up” As Sherm was in the shower, Weez put the coffee pot on and prepared Sherm’s healthy breakfast of oatmeal and a banana. Soon Sherm was happily eating his breakfast. He was almost done when a fruit fly flew into his bowl. “Well, I guess I’m done eating!”

Sherm kissed his wife and was out the door. Five minutes later the phone rang. “Good Morning!” said Sherm to his wife. “What are you doing calling me?” Weez was just rereading their morning devotion about having storms thrown at us.

“Well, I’m out in the parking lot. We had a rain storm last night as you know, and apparently I left my truck door ajar. The seat is sopping wet and so are my pants!”

“Well, and a Good Morning to you too Sherm!”

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