Friday, March 12, 2010

Marriage Chuckles IV "Don't leave home without it!"

Let the reader know that this is not fiction. Who could come up with this stuff? At times our life with a mate is like one giant sit com. For some, the trials are problems causing pain, anger, hurt, and offense. But, as we look through the eyes of the Master...we can see so much funny stuff! Sherm and Weez work together because they forget things. For Weez, it could be anything at any time. For Sherm, it's a pattern of specific things.

Once they were pulled over because Sherm wasn't wearing his seat belt. He ALWAYS wears it, except for that one time. The officer was nice and asked for the usual things. Licence, proof of registration and insurance. Sherm had left his wallet home along with his license. He'd just gotten his registration renewed and forgotten to affix the sticker on truck. They searched and couldn't find updated insurance card. Strike three! A ticket! The officer used his computer and found that indeed they had all three in order yet not having them in the car was reason for ticket along with the seatbelt issue. Two red faces drove home. "I can't believe it!" Sherm said. "Me either! We're just a couple of losers!" Sherm looked over at Weez's grinning face and he laughed himself! "Let's go home before we mess up something else!"

Yesterday Weez did the laundry. No, that's not funny! Yet, when she heard a thump,thump, thump...she knew something was not right. She checked the dryer and felt a hard mass in the pocket of Sherm's pants. He had forgotten his wallet. This is a source of amusement for her because they have had so many episodes involving his wallet! He's forgotten it when going to restaurants. They get all done eating and he gets this glazed look on his face alerting her that it's happened again.

Usually, Weez trys to remember [that in itself is another story]to remind him to bring it as they walk out the door. Many times they have gone to Walmart and turned around to go home because he forgot his wallet. Weez learned to present a non-chalant look to everyone so as not to embarrass Sherm. He in turn does the same for her at times.

Weez slowly opened the wallet and placed the cards and money on the table to dry. She decides to phone Sherm at work but he'd forgotten to turn on his cell phone. So, she calls the store and has him paged.

"Sherm, be very careful driving home today." she says. "Why?" he asks. "You don't have your driver's license on you." "What? You're right I DON'T have it!" Sherm gets annoyed with himself when Weez begins talking. "I accidently washed and dried it too." Silence on the other end. "Sherm? Don't forget to put your seatbelt on."

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